Gdansk Nightlife

Gdansk Nightlife - Hitting the Town

Whilst not quite in the same league as the party town of Sopot up the coast, Gdansk is certainly not without its nightlife and party scene. This is a lively town once the sun goes down and clubbing and pubbing comes to life. Gdansk nightlife is a varied affair. You’ll find hedonistic clubs nestled alongside intimate bars, plenty of options for an evening of Polish snacking and drinking, as well as a balance of fun and frivolity.

When it comes to Gdansk Nightlife, taking your pick requires a little advance planning to prevent stumbling upon less salubrious places you’d rather avoid, and making the most of your time in this vibrant town. Our top picks are listed below.

Gdansk Bars & Pubs

When it comes to a place to pull up a chair and enjoy a drink, Gdansk nightlife has plenty to offer. Whilst finding places for the beer-lover is easy, there are a range of cocktail and wine choices for those who prefer. The atmosphere is hugely variable depending on where you pick, so you can really find the drinking spot to suit your taste. Gdansk, in many ways, favours straight forward drinking rather than a heavy going club scene, and this is reflected in the range of drinking emporiums you’ll find.


  1. Brovarnia ( ul. Szafarina): Brovarnia is the place to be if you want to sample Gdansk ‘beer style’. It’s convivial atmosphere, where you’ll be served by traditionally-outfitted waiting staff with beaming smiles, is a wonderful microbrewery. Housed inside a renovated granary, this is a classic drinking environment.

brovarnia gdanks


2. Browar Piwna: Describable as classic Polish with a modern twist, Browar Piwna is a popular nightspot that is central and beer-focussed. There’s a range of choice from light, to wheat, to dark beers. Alongside the awesome beer there are a variety of Polish ‘pub food’ choices making for a perfect combo of beer and food.

browar piwna gdansk


3. Bunkier Klubogaleria: this is clubbing with a difference. Housed inside a former air raid shelter, this literally is a 6 floor cube zoned like a labyrinth with various bars and dance floors. A musical mix and a hedonistic vibe.



4. Red Light Pub: Don’t get off on the wrong foot thinking of Amsterdam, rather this is a good honest pub in the centre of Gdansk serving excellent local bottled beers. The locals love it, so it must be good. There is a small dancefloor in the basement, but fundamentally this is drinking and relaxing pub.



5. Hard Rock Café: An international blend of fun and memorabilia mixed with food and cocktails. You know what you’re getting with a Hard Rock Café, and Hard Rock Gdansk is no different. There’s even a stage here for performers, so if you’re in town and want to experience some live music then do check out what’s on.



6. High 5: Up on the roof of the plush Hilton, and with worthwhile views of the city, is a bar that lives up to its home. The High 5 is a stylish drinking place that combines the public bar alongside the rooftop pool. Whilst it’s certainly worth enjoying an aperitif al fresco, in chillier weather you can still enjoy the view from inside the glass walled area.

High 5 Gdanks


7. Flisak 76: If you’re looking for somewhere that’s homely but stylish, modern and yet relaxed, then Flisak 76 is the place for you. There is a huge variety of cocktails to take your fancy, and being just a short walk from the main square, Flisak 76 is central to Gdansk nightlife. There is street seating, but the central focus is the underground bar. If cocktails aren’t your thing, you’ll also find a good range of craft beer here.



8. Craft Cocktails (ul. Szeroka): Looking somewhat like a gentlemen’s club of high society, this is a friendly and welcoming bar to enjoy some famous Gdansk cocktails. There’s no shortage of choice, and this place is calm and relaxing, away from the hubbub of more intensive Gdansk nightspots. You’ll even be presented with a glass of freshly filtered water alongside your cocktail in an attempt to stave off the hangover – a true gentleman’s approach

9. Amsterdam Bar, Beer & Bagel (ul. Garbary): Unabashed drinking and socialising take place within the sports bar here. With a range of bottled beer, over 180 to be precise, this is a popular place to be.

10. Buddha Lounge (ul. Długa): Before hitting the town proper, spend an hour or two at the Buddha Lounge and get your evening started. With a mix of velvet and opulent blue, and a clever arrangement allowing for a smoking bar, along with brilliant staff and good food, we recommend starting the evening here. Failing that, stop off from the Clubs here and chill out before heading back to bed.

11. Irish Pub Piwnicka (ul. Garbary): Don’t be deceived. What’s on top looks just like a mountain hut, but beneath lies a cavern of a pub. Another good spot for watching sport, this is a drinking and eating den hidden underground.

Gdansk Nightlife – Clubs

Although Gdansk doesn’t have a huge amount of choice when it comes to dancing and clubbing, what it has got is worth seeking out. There are a few standard options in the student area, but if you’re looking for a night of dancing and partying with a little more stle then you’ll find it, you just need to know where to look. Once you do, you’ll be glad.

  • Bunkier Klubogaleria (ul. Olejarna): Make way for Gdansk’s nightlife statement with a whopping 6 storey concrete cube, once an air raid shelter/bunker/battery hybrid and now an immersive colossal club. Being the only building to survive the intense bombing of Gdansk in WW2, you really do feel you’re not just on a night out, but a part of history. There is a maze of bars, dance areas, and chill out areas. Every floor is distinct and utterly memorable, and not something you’d normally expect from a clubbing night (electric chair and cages anyone?!). Prices are reasonable, staff are upbeat and friendly and the music is eclectic.
  • Miasto Aniołów (ul. Chmielna): Situated alongside the river is a well-loved club offering mainstream music with a combination of dancing and seating. What’s good about this club is you’ll find everyone welcomed here, and that makes for a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Protokultura (ul. Niterów): You’ll need to have heard of this place as you’re not going to just stumble across it. Concealed within a staggering and impressive warehouse slap bang in the middle of Gdansk’s shipyards, this is a venue to keep an eye on. They frequently host events, and performances, so it’s worth checking out what’s on whilst you’re in town.
  • Autsajder Klub Studencki (ul. Do Studzienki): A classic student nightspot with a yong crowd and pumping tunes. This is disco encapsulated, open week round.
  • Klub Parlament (ul. Ś Ducha): This is end of week night club with plenty of floor space for an infamous Polish party. Hedonistic vibes combined with a large amount of alcohol makes this a central spot for attracting the hen and stag parties. However, it doesn’t stop there and there are frequently live music options as well as shows and cabaret.
  • Fahrenheit Club (ul. Długi Tag): Centrally located, head downstairs in to a classic nightspot, mostly enjoyed by those out of their student days. It’s fun, it’s crazy.
  • Club Echo (ul. Wały Jagiellońskie): Club Echo is an old-school disco that’s easy to find next to the train station. It’s not particularly distinct, but sometimes you just need easy good times, and this can be a place to find them.