The most visited Cities in Poland

Our list of top most visited cities


1. Krakow

Overwhelm your senses with visions of history, culture, and modernity buzzing to life.  This gem of a city will ignite your imagination with legends of old, dating back to the 7th Century, nestled alongside the contemporary Poland of today. Krakow perfects the blend of old and new, welcoming tourists into its thriving heart and touching their very soul.

Krakow is, in essence, Poland. The place to be.


2. Warszawa

Billed as the cross-roads of Europe, Warsaw has found itself fought over and through for centuries. Most recently World War II left Warsaw as largely rubble, meaning even the ‘Old Town’ is only 50 years old, reconstructed with careful thought and attention to detail. However, Warsaw is the Capital of modern Poland, and is thriving and building a flourishing contemporary vibe that shakes off its former Socialist roots and instead is demarking itself as a vibrant, democratic heart of modern-day Poland and wider Europe.


3. Gdansk

Gdańsk has rebuilt itself from the heart following near complete destruction in WWII. The result is that this Baltic boom town reflects a truly modern Poland whilst restoring and incorporating the best of the past. This welcoming and encompassing outlook is reflected in every highlight of this thriving port town. Energetic and vibrant, reflecting its unique maritime culture.


4. Wroclaw

Hailed the European Capital of Culture in 2006, Wroclaw is the largest city in Western Poland, nestled on the River Oder in the Silesian lowlands. Its turbulent history sets it apart and over the years Wroclaw has been known by a huge variety of names. The result is a city that is culturally diverse and architecturally rich, even if this is largely due to post World War II restoration.


5. Poznan

Poznań is a beautiful renaissance old town, rich in colour and atmosphere, on the Warta River. The array of cosy cafes situated alongside trendy bar offer prime spots to sit and relax watching the world go by. Poznań is ideal as a base for exploring the surrounding areas rich in natural beauty and leisure activities.


6. Zakopane

For a unique, invigorating and relaxing experience in Poland you cannot beat a stay in Zakopane. Whatever the season, this icon of Poland’s only alpine mountains, close to the border with Slovakia, is nestled between the gentle undulating hills of Gubalówka and the majestic domineering peaks of the Tatra mountains.


7. Sopot

The St Tropez of the Baltic, Sopot is the seaside resort to be seen, and to see. The fashionable resort swells in the summer months from its usual 40,000 inhabitants to accommodate 2 million visitors. The resort has seen multi-million Euro investment in recent years and most definitely retains its reputation as hip and happening.


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