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Where to stay in Poland - Hotels in Poland

Poland is a trending tourist destination therefore it has a great amount of hotels. If you would like to stay close to the city center or somewhere in quiet area it is always better to book in advance.

Where to Stay in Poland

Poland is a booming holiday destination, as well as a centre for business, and as such there is well-developed network of accommodation from luxury hotels in Poland, to shoe-string hostels, campsites, and something a little out of the ordinary such as sleeping underground in a salt mine  If you’re looking for where to stay in Poland then you’re in the right place.


Each of the main town’s in Poland has a dedicated Accommodation page, please visit the links below for more details.

Luxury Hotels in Poland

Poland does luxury hotels in a grand way. Forget any remnant thoughts about plain post-communist architecture and basic levels of comfort. If you want luxury then it is easily found. As well as the large luxury chain hotels such as Intercontinental, Radisson Blu, and Sheraton, you can find a complete range of boutique and independently run luxury hotels.

Warsaw has a particularly high concentration of luxury hotels, owing to the business community. For example you can enjoy the height of luxury Polish accommodation at the Hotel Rialto or the Regent. However, the luxury hotels in Poland are not confined simply to the major cities. You can indulge in extreme luxury at Pakoszow Palace in Piechowice, Hotel Bohema in Bydgoszcz, or the Odyssey Club Hotel in Kielce.

Poland has a long tradition of spas, and increasingly these are tied to luxury and boutique style accommodation. The earliest spas in Poland date back to the 12th Century, but you can be sure of a contemporary twist at the forty and more spas the country has to offer. Notable spa hotels are at Połczyn Zdrój famed for its success with rheumatic disorders, Ciechocinek, known for helping respiratory illnesses, and Inowrocław. The Carpathians, and other mountainous regions, have an immensely strong spa tradition. Krynica is probably the most famous and most fashionable, but nearby are lesser known spa resorts at Malopolska, Beskid Sadecki, and Pieniny.

 Middle-of-the-Range Hotels in Poland

There is a plethora of choice when it comes to mid-range hotels in Poland. Most people looking for where to stay in Poland fit this category, and as such there is a huge choice. All major cities from Krakow to Warsaw, Wroclaw to Gdansk, have a wealth of options.

You can expect to find most of the economical mid-range hotel chains such as Hampton by Hilton, Metropol, Ibis, Holiday Inn, and Best Western, in the urban and airport areas. With these hotels you know the standard you’re getting and what to expect. Beyond this there are a large number of independent middle-of-the-range hotels in Poland, for example Castle Inn in Warsaw and Wyspianski in Krakow.

 Affordable and Cheap Hotels in Poland

Budget hotels bridge the gap between hostels and mid-range hotels in Poland. If you’re looking for where to stay in Poland on a shoestring then these may suit you. Typically expect small rooms that are clean and functional. Some budget hotels will include a basic continental breakfast, but do check this at the time of booking. It is possible to find hotels for as little as £10 per night in Poland, but remember the saying: ‘you get what you pay for’. Whilst this accommodation is cheaper than their equivalents in the UK, you aren’t opting for luxury.

To be sure of a certain standard you may choose a chain such as Ibis Budget, but do check out reviews for independent hotels because you may just find a gem at a low price such as Amber Hotel in Krakow. 

Self-Catering Accommodation in Poland

Self-Catering Accommodation in Poland is a growing market. With the advent of sites such as AirBnB and Owners Direct, it is becoming easier and easier for people travelling from abroad to secure high quality, affordable self-catering accommodation. Once upon a time it was potluck whether you would find something reasonable, now there is a lot more choice. This means if you’re looking for a self-catering apartment in a city centre such as Krakow or Warsaw, it will be as easy as finding a rural self-catering cottage in the mountains.

The benefit of self-catering accommodation in Poland is that you get exactly what you want and need. Self-catering is frequently a more flexible option for families, with a home from home environment, where you can put the kids to bed and wind down with a glass of wine on the patio. For city breaks it can be ideal for immersing yourself completely in a short amount of time.

Hostels in Poland

Poland has cheap backpacker’s hostels in abundance, catering for the growing number of younger people visiting the country. There is a huge and eclectic mix from the very basic catering to the ‘party-tourists’ and then those that are a little more off the beaten track and suitable for those wishing to explore further afield on a shoe-string. All major cities have a range to choose from, so choose according to what you’re looking for. Some are very much geared up for late nights drinking in abundance, others are more traditional traveller options with trips and meals available. However, there really is such a good choice don’t settle for sub-standard accommodation. You can expect to get a good clean comfortable dormitory style night for the equivalent of £5-£10.

 Camping and Caravanning in Poland

Camping is another alternative for those looking for where to stay in Poland on a budget. It is also an excellent way of exploring some of the remoter regions, enjoying nature, and seeing a different side of the country.

Polish campsites and caravan sites have come a long way in the last 15 years. It used to be a case of ‘hope and pray’ but now, with a little research, you can find good standard campsites on a par with what you would expect elsewhere in Europe. Most campsites in Poland are associated with the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning. You can use their site to search for sites that are suitable for your needs.

Poland particularly excels in offering camping options in the most beautiful natural landscapes, so you can expect to find campsites right on the beach, or alongside a lake, or right at the foot of a mountain.

In Poland, campsites are awarded star ratings (from 1-4) which will give you some indication of the standard and service you can expect. Different aspects of the sites are ranked according to things such as quality or convenience.

Technically it is illegal to wild camp in Poland. However, you should be aware that there haven’t been any convictions for wild camping in Poland in the last twenty years. Generally, it seems to be tolerated, especially in remote and out of the way areas in the mountains. However, it really is sensible to identify who the land owner is and seek their permission. Many local farmers will be willing to help, and often open their homes and hearts to share their culture with you.

Where it comes to being a little behind the rest of Europe is Glamping. Glamping hasn’t yet taken off in Poland like it has in several other European countries. However, there are signs that this is beginning to change. Particularly in Masuria, such as Glendoria Glamping, glamping options are gradually expanding.

 Unusual Accommodation in Poland

Poland has got some fantastically eccentric and quirky accommodation options. So if you’re looking for something a little different, then we’re sure you’ll find it. You may not even be looking for it, but let us whet your appetite with inspiration!

Stay underground at Wieliczka Salt Mine where you can enjoy a night of breathing the health rejuvenating saline air.

Experience electronic art at the Blow Up Hall 5050 in Poznan – the interactive art show brainchild of Rafael Lozano Hemmer. You get given an iPhone instead of a key. Before you even book you get busy selecting colours, images and more, all to determine which room will suit you best. Once in the hotel you experience an immersive interactive experience.

For an airport stop over with a different try the Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw. The architecture is striking alone but inside you’re in a Smart Hotel, with a Sound Bar and simply awesome showers.

Budget travellers should seriously consider the Oki Doki Art Hostel in Warsaw. Each room is unique and memorable, but on top of this you get access to organised tours and party nights as well as the cheapest beer in town.