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The most visited Cities in Poland

Our list of top most visited cities 1. Krakow Overwhelm your senses with visions of history, culture, and modernity buzzing to life.  This gem of a city will ignite your imagination with legends of old, dating back to the 7th Century, nestled alongside the contemporary Poland of today. Krakow perfects the blend of old and new, welcoming tourists into its thriving …

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Visiting Poland

Polish Climate –  Best Times to Visit Poland Generally speaking the climate of Poland can be described as Moderate Continental with pretty cold winters (usually with temperatures just under freezing) and warm summers. The best time to visit Poland depends on what you are looking to experience. For the main sights and cities then a late Spring visit (May-June) or …

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13 Things you must see in Krakow

Krakow isn’t your average tourist spot. You could take a year and not have time to explore the rich vibrancy and wealth of architecture and culture within this city.Knowing where to start, and what the unmissable starts are can seem like a tall order. Our list of the 13 Things You Must See and do in Krakow aims to make …

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