Gdansk Restaurants

Where to Eat - Gdansk Restaurants

Gdansk traditionally hasn’t been famed for its culinary fare. However, the food scene in Gdansk is changing and many restaurants are now gaining an international following and receiving repeated excellent reviews.


Here is our top picks of Gdansk’s Restaurants:

  • Kos: Has a wonderful and large beer garden facing the cobbled street, in the heart of Gdansk making it perfect for watching the world go by. The interiors are cosy yet airy and the food offered here is based on local seasonal ingredients such as Baltic salmon or delicious rich ribs infused in Polish vodka.
  • Casino Diner: Step back to the retro 1950s with a classic American diner complete with dining booths and a jukebox. This is locally known as the best joint for a burger, with a huge number of burger options on the menu. Alongside your meal enjoy a classic American milkshake or cold beer. This restaurant is very much tied into the casino and is open late.
  • Brovarnia: translating literally to ‘brewery’ lives up to its name, situated in the Hotel Gdansk and welcoming visitors from all walks of life. You can sample a range of beers from the region as well as lagers, all served alongside traditional hearty Polish fare which includes a range of meats cooked in beer as well as other options. You are eating within the brewery here, surrounded by brass pipes and the atmosphere is friendly and enjoyable.
  • Józef K: moved to Gdansk following a cult following in its original town of Sopot up the coast. This is the place to be and offers intimate vintage interiors and dining alongside a club scene with dancing starting later in the evening. This isn’t first-class dining but it’s a good Polish option with Golabki and other local offerings, along with vodka of course.
  • Metamorfoza: Local produce from local sustainable suppliers mixed with seasonal recipes make this high-class establishment well worth a visit. You know you are in Gdansk on the Baltic Coast here, and you can even enjoy a tasting menu that includes a range of samples including from their own farm. You can try delicacies such as beer tartare, pigeon with pear and celery and a garden menu of cold cuts and local vegetables, all presented beautifully in comfortable surroundings.
  • Pod Lososiem: known for being the oldest and most famous restaurant in Gdansk, it stands on the former site of a distillery that would infuse vodka with gold! You can still sample this Goldwasser here, and its royal heritage is evident in plush interiors and allowing you to enjoy a royal menu including dishes such as boar tenderloin or saddle of doe. Polish cuisine is elevated to new heights here.
  • Gdanski Bowke: The name of this restaurant depicts the local character from folklore who was a port-town thief and drunkard! A mixture of old and new, there’s no escaping the port-town feel and the food reflects this too. Combining local meats and game, staples of Polish far, with freshly caught Baltic fish, this restaurant is almost like being in a pirate’s tavern.
  • Kubicki: This is the oldest restaurant to survive in Gdansk, originally opened in 1918 when it was a chic and fashionable restaurant. The interior largely reflects pre-war times with a contemporary twist, a perfect setting for fresh local fish and typical Polish fare including rich soups and hearty game.
  • Nova Pierogova: You are definitely dining in a seaport here with interiors of nautical style. This is the place to come for the famous Polish Pierogi, a type of dumpling, and other traditional Polish fare. But don’t be fooled, contemporary twists elevate classics such as apple pie pierogi or fish style ones. Excellent, affordable fare.