Hotels in Gdansk

Where to stay in Gdansk

The important thing to consider, when looking for where to stay in Gdansk, is that it is part of a wider conurbation: the tri-city.  The borders for where Gdansk, Sopot and Gyynia change and become another town aren’t completely defined. Secondly, you also need to consider the time of year when you are visiting. Despite the wealth of Gdansk accommodation options, there is also a shortage during the popular summer months. Demand goes up, as do prices. You’ll also need to ensure you book plenty of time in advance.

However, there’s good reason why Gdansk is such a popular tourist destination, and becoming more so: It’s a beautiful city with a good mix of history and culture. The seaside atmosphere lends itself to the holiday mood.

There is a good mix of hotels, apartments, self-catering and hostel options in and around Gdansk. If you’re struggling to find central Gdansk accommodation that meets your needs and budget, then don’t be afraid to head a little away from the centre. Whilst Gdansk is famous for Dlugi Targ and Glowne Miasto, and there are plenty of accommodation options here, there are also plenty of other options nearby.

If views are important for you, then the best in Gdansk can be found in the hotels on the Olowianka, or the banks of the Motlawa. If public transport links are a priority, then the Old Town is rich with hotel options whilst also being close to the main railway stations and transport hubs.

For those on a tighter budget, it may be worth considering accommodation in Stare Przedmiescie. Generally speaking, prices are cheaper here but you are still well-placed for exploring the city.

Of course, many visitors are interested in the seaside resort that Gdansk has to offer. You don’t need to head far out of the city to experience this different side to Gdansk. If you’re looking for peace and relaxation, then Sobieszewo and Stogi are both good options with a range of hotel and self-catering options. The best beaches, with accommodation on hand, are Brzezno, Prsymorze, and Jelitkowo which are all located between Gdansk Old Town and Sopot. These Gdansk accommodation options are extremely popular during the high season, and as such their prices go up, and you need to book in advance.

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