Poznan Nightlife

Poznan likes to see itself in a prime spot on Poland’s dance scene.

Poznan likes to see itself in a prime spot on Poland’s dance scene, but there is also a range of nightlife in the town, with much of it centred around the Main Square. There’s a strong student vibe to the nightlife in Poznan, but there really is something for everyone.

One of the good things about Poland, and you witness this first-hand on the streets of Poznan, is the opening times for bars, pubs and clubs are just a guide. If the punters are in, then the doors will stay open. In Poznan you’ll often find the lines blurred between pub, club, or restaurant. At its heart, after dark, Poznan is a party town to rival the bigger Polish names of Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw. If the nightlife is important to you whilst visiting Poland, then Poznan won’t disappoint.

10 Top – Nightclubs in Poznan NightClubs

Poznan comes in to its own on the clubbing scene. There’s a party vibe to the whole city which is distinct and cutting edge, and there’s definitely a venue that will be up your street. The student population drive the nightlife in Poznan, but it’s all positive, and makes for brilliant nights out.

1. Czekolada (Wroclawska)

With elegant décor, and a VIP room, this club (which means ‘Chocolate’) offers some of the very best party nights you’ll find in Poznan. Two floors brought alive with laser lighting and two bars frequently play host to some of the best DJ’s around.

2. Pacha (ul. Paderewskiego):

If you’re a pro on the clubbing scene, then the Pacha name won’t be new to you. This high-end clubbing franchise has chosen to make Poznan it’s Central European home, underlining Poznan’s reputation for banging Plush and with awesome house music, this is a club to please the masses.

3. Muchos (ul. Nowowiejskiego)

This is where Poznan’s Latin vibe took root, but as well as the Latin experiences of salsa and bachata courses, there’s now a more eclectic mix of genres. There’s live music and classes during the week, but come the weekend Muchos unveils its popular clubbing nights.

4. Czarna Owca (ul. Jaskółcza)

Popular with Poznan locals, grab a drink from the upstairs bar before heading down to the labyrinth-like club underground. This is a mainstream club that will appeal to most.

5. SQ (Półwiejska)

All that you expect from a Polish nightclub with neon lighting and good DJ’s offering a range of house, electric, funk and disco.

6. Słodownia (Półwiejska)

A unique and modern décor party venue inside the Stary Business and Culture Centre. It feels a little out of place heading in, but once you do you’ll understand why it’s popular.

Slodownia nightclub poznan

7. Opcja (Półwiejska)

Famous for its Thursday nights where all drinks are half price until 1am, Opcja is also popular on the weekends. Brace yourself for a long night of dancing and socialising, with the dance floor pumping it’s quite usual for this place to still be going at 5am.

8. Pod Minogą (ul. Nowowiejskiego)

This is where you’ll find the heart of Poznan’s student lifestyle with dancing and relaxing happening over two floors of this music club. Sometimes it strays towards karaoke, other times it’s open to great concerts, and of course there’s a decent showcasing of DJ’s.

9. Club Libre (ul. Wrocławska)

Head underground to this basement club which pulls its vibe from Latin America in terms of detail and music. There are Monday salsa classes and throughout the week you can enjoy the Fiesta and Disco vibes.

Club Lubre - Poznan

10. Blue Note (ul. Kósciuszki)

Check the programme before turning up as you never quite know what you will find at Blue Note. Whilst there’s a focus on Jazz there’s often something different. Thursday nights are now popular club nights.


Poznan Nightlife: Bars & Pubs

Really, Poznan is best styled as a party town. If you’re looking for a convivial chat and drink, and maybe a bar snack or two, there are plenty of watering holes to be found but you’re going to have to look hard in amongst the party scene. 

1. Music Club Kosmos (ul. Św Marcin)

Sitting on the cusp between club, pub or bowling alley, this is a great spot for meeting and unwinding in central Poznan. There’s plenty of space and seating both inside along the bowling lanes, as well as outside on the terrace in the warmer months. Drinks are fairly generic here, as is the crowd, but nonetheless it’s a decent place to relax and unwind. If you’re lucky you might make it to the VIP hall.

Club Kosmos picture

2. Klub Dragon (ul. Zamkowa)

Don’t let the name fool you this venue is definitely more pub than club. Yes, there is occasional live music but really this place is about a relaxed drinking vibe, with a fantastic beer garden and a great atmosphere. Enjoy a late night chilling with friends over a beer and table football.

Club Dragon picture - band guitar

3. Shisha Beirut (ul. Wrocławska)

With over 60 varieties of Shisha to choose from and a relaxed mood, and chill out vibe set in Middle Eastern décor, this is Poznan’s laid back centre. Order a drink, pull up a pipe, and enjoy.

Shisha Beirut - poznan bar

4. Some Place Else (ul. Bukowska):

Mainstream international bar feel in the Sheraton Hotel, Some Place Else has become popular with a wide range of clientele from local business people, tourists, expats and more. With chic American décor, if you want a straight forward bar-style evening, this is the place for you.

Some place else - poznan pub

5. Brovaria (Stary Rynek):

Super popular, this microbrewery will dazzle you with its excellent range of in-house lagers and ales. It’s popular with expats and tourists and has a fun but industrial feel.

Brovaria - image

7. Alligator (Stary Rynek):

Hip and friendly this is an upmarket eating and drinking spot where you can enjoy a cocktail before having a dance or chill out to some live rock and blues music.

Alligator - pub image

8. KontenerART (ul. Ewangelicka):

Make sure you have a map, or an app on your phone, as this eccentric spot is hard to find, but it’s a summertime must. Set in some shipping containers on the Warta River you may be forgiven for wondering what it’s all about, but trust us, it’s worth it. There’s an artificial beach with deckchairs, and what can only be described as eclectic collections of art, and a relaxed drinking environment.

KontenerART PUB - image

Other worth mentioning Bars

Basilium (ul. Wóna): Choose between a comfy armchair or perching on a wooden barrel that’s seen its share of good times. Somehow Bailium has succeeded in tolling smart and cosy in to one with soft lighting and touches such as hanging gramophones. With over 150 bottled craft beers to choose from, you should be in heaven.

Piano Bar (ul. Pólwiejska): One for the more upmarket and chic clientele, the Piano Bar is popular with business people and the non-student crowd. Drink in style as you choose from the mobile drinks cabinet or have an expert cocktail concocted before your eyes. Don’t forget the excellent food.

Chmielnik (ul. Źydowska): With a smart interior of wood and stone, and a convivial summer garden, Chmielnik draws a hip and happening crowd. With onsite brewing, treats are in store here.

Pijalnia Wódki I Piwa (Stary Rynek): Part of the popular Polish chain, this really is a very Polish experience with the Communist-era vibe combined with cheap booze and cheap food. It’s always packed because it’s incredibly popular, and there’s karaoke several times a week too.

W Starym Kinie (ul. Nowowiejskiego): Again you’re going to find a good bunch of students here, and it’s a misnomer to just call it a pub. It’s home to good parties but also poetry slams and even concerts, but it’s a homely relaxed place to be.