Hotels in Sopot

Where to stay in Sopot

The general rule of thumb when it comes to choosing accommodation in Sopot is the closer to the beach the more expensive for what you get. It forms party of the tri-city with Gdansk and Gdynia, and as such there are a huge choice of options, however, high season sees demand and prices rocket.

Sopot is generally known as the ‘party town’ of the tri-city, and therefore attracts a younger crowd. This also lends itself to creating a wide range of accommodation options. However, it’s a notably fashionable and chic town where many Polish come to ‘see and be seen’. Indeed, Sopot sees around 2 million tourists each summer: As such, luxury and boutique offerings are on hand.

Due to Sopot’s summer-time popularity, you will need to book where to stay in Sopot as early as possible. Particularly be aware that Sopot plays host to the Sopot Summer Festival in the latter half of August, and hotel rooms are in short supply then. This is a huge festival, second only to Eurovision, and is a magnet for accommodation seekers.

In addition to regular hotels, Sopot has a good range of spa hotels capitalising on the relaxation trend. Furthermore, there are a mix of mid-range and budget accommodation in Sopot. Many Sopot residents rent out a room during the summer months, and this can be a cheaper option.

Do bear in mind that Sopot can be described as the Polish summer city that never sleeps. Therefore, if peace and quiet is important for you, then head a little away from downtown or the pier area. There are some beautiful accommodation options in Art Nouveau villas, or within the picture postcard ravines. has plenty of accommodation in Sopot.