Sopot Nightlife

Hitting the Town – Sopot Nightlife

Sopot simply comes alive at night. The centre of the Tri-City when it comes to nightlife, Sopot has it all and it does it in style. Add this to its holiday and seaside feel and you can see why Sopot is the place to be. There are clubs galore with something to suit everyone from the intimate quirky tiny dancefloor to the thumping rooms of a mega-club. The bars range enormously, and there’s always something going on. Popular with young people, tourists, locals, and stag and hen parties, the vibe after dark is focused on one thing only: partying.


Sopot Nightlife: Bars & Pubs

When it comes to Sopot nightlife, there are no shortage of bars and pubs. Whilst the town has a reputation for its clubbing scene, don’t overlook the awesome bars you’ll find here. Spend a few hours enjoying some drinks with the locals before heading out to a club. Nights are long in Sopot, so definitely make the most of the range of venues on offer. Keep an eye out during the day for promotions as they are never far away. 

  • Dwie Zmiany (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): A hybrid night time venue combining a popular bar and café with an art gallery feel. This is a hipster’s home and there’s great beer on tap.
  • 3 Siostry (ul. Powstańców Warszawy): It’s a little tricky to know what to classify this incredible nightspot as. Named ‘Three Sisters’ after the founders, you could also transcribe the name to the three sisters of café, bar and club. There is something for everyone and it is popular with both tourists and locals alike. Look up and be amazed by the shoes on the ceiling, a truly quirky touch.
  • Kava (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): This is friendly spot within a department store on Monte Cassino, but nonetheless it is a popular stylish bar. It’s also a great place for watching the latest sports.
  • Teatr Boto (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): If you’re feeling a little jaded with the commercialisation of Sopot nightlife, then step in to the Teatr Boto which has a more traditional Sopot arty feel with a café bar. There is a theatre here too, so check out what’s on.
  • Młody Byron (ul. Czyźewskiego): Another of Sopot’s intimate and arty spots with regular showcases of cultural events such as poetry competitions and concerts. We particularly like their wonderful garden on a summer’s evening.
  • Na Drugą Nóźke (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): Fun and vibrant, with affordable drinks as well as an opportunity to try out various flavoured vodkas, perfect for washing down the Polish popular snack Pierogi.
  • Zła Kobieta (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): It might be tiny, but this place does brilliant cocktails and even has a small dancefloor. It can get packed, but this just adds to the brilliant vibe. Either enjoy it as a destination in its own right or en route to another Sopot nightlife haven.
  • Le Bar (ul. Powstańców Warszawy): Whilst this is inside a hotel, and therefore the drinks aren’t the cheapest, this is well worth a visit for the seaside views over the pier and beach, if nothing else. Also check out what’s on because they often have whisky tasting evenings as well as cheese and wine sampling.
  • Konsulat Dobrego Piwa (ul. Sikorskiego): Head a little away from the centre of Sopot nightlife and you will stumble upon this great beer lover’s spot with various bottled beers, 8 regularly changing drafts on tap, and live sports. Small, but popular.
  • Browar Miejski Sopot (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): Super popular, and drawing good crowds, this is a classic Polish nightlife spot with a range of drinks and great Polish bar food.
  • Browar Lubrow Trojmieski (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): Not quite as popular as it’s brother up the street, but nonetheless a good spot for sampling Polish snacks and enjoying a beer from their in-house brewery.
  • Coctail Bar Max Sopot (ul. Grunwaldzka): As its name suggests, this is the cocktail spot of Sopot. Themed like a beach bar, and in just the right spot for it, this is a hip and happening place with a range of cocktails all presented with a good deal of flair.
  • 512 (ul. Powstańców Warszawy): Another hotel bar, this time in the stylish Sheraton Hotel, this is a bar which draws the hip crowd. It’s fairly new, big, and is making a name for itself. 


Sopot Nightlife: Clubs

Sopot has a huge reputation for thumping club nights and an all-night party scene. It’s somewhat like the Blackpool of the Baltic, and a trip here isn’t complete without sampling some of the Sopot nightlife club-style. There is a plethora of cheap drinking and dancing spots, but don’t fail to seek out some of the classier joints. They are well worth the visit.

  • Spatif (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): There’s a strict door policy here, but don’t let that put off your attempt to get in to Spatif. Dress up, and enter the eclectic arty club that is Spatif. It’s a little pricey, but we love the avant garde feel, and the excellent sounds.
  • Atelier (Al. Mamuszki): If you’re looking for classic good times with favourite remixes and classic club music then this club will be the generic thing you’re looking for. It’s a place for fun and frivolity, and it makes no pretensions about being anything different. The result: crazy nights are to be had here.
  • Soho (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): This friendly and intimate spot pairs with its smart and bright interior. You’ll meet some locals here, and enjoy a less chaotic feel from other Sopot nightspots.
  • Włedy (ul. Kościuszki): With a great DJ who knows how to lead a party, and a brilliant dance vibe, don’t miss the opportunity for a night here.
  • Sfinks 700 (Al. Mamuszki): This is a long standing club in Sopot, dating back to the first days after Communism was no more, making for an iconic night out. The vibe changes according to what’s on, so check out the schedule, and if nothing else enjoy the air-conditioning!
  • Libation (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): This is an exclusive Sopot club run by a local who is dedicated to changing the tacky face of Sopot’s nightlife. The creation is fashionable with some great leather sofa seating as well as a cracking dancefloor. The drinks are a little pricier here, and there is a dress code, but this all adds to the exclusive feel and atmosphere.
  • Zła Kobieta (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): Just about squeezing in a name as a club, the dance floor here is tiny. However, it’s nearly always packed, making for a great atmosphere. What people really come here for though are the cocktails – select from the huge choice.
  • Makahiki (ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino): Fitting right in with the beachside theme, completely Hawaiian in feel, is Makahiki, a popular nightspot for the younger crowd. Often drink promotions draw in big crowds and be prepared for loud thumping music.