Where to eat in Sopot

Restaurants in Sopot

Sopot lives the high life and many of the eating out options reflect this. Nonetheless there are plenty of relaxed and informal cafes as well. Seafood of course is very much in favour on many menus.

  • Sopot 737 L’entre Villes Restaurant: This is one of Sopot’s most stunning restaurants serving a mixture of international and Polish fare in a high class renovated Sopot Villa. Bistro-style this is at the more expensive end of the price range but the atmosphere of the grand room, the bar and glazed winter garden is lovely.
  • Morska: A wonderful seafood restaurant with a bright and modern feel close to the Monte Cassino.
  • Bulaj: Slightly out of the main area, Bulaj is worth a visit for a chance to enjoy fish and seafood in a shady beach side eatery.
  • Mocno Nadziane: A truly Polish offering that serves pierogis, Polish stuffed dumplings, with a range of fillings, all washed down with impressive cocktails.
  • Dom Sushi: Poland loves its sushi and Sopot gets a good choice of both sushi and sashimi at this café, a perfect culinary treat by the coast.
  • Mera Spa Hotel Brasserie: Sopot has something of a Mediterranean feel, and as such this wonderful Mediterranean style restaurant fits right in being close to the beach and with plenty of outdoor seating. They are famed for their Sunday brunch and their summertime barbeques.
  • Gron di Rucola: Head a little out of Sopot’s central area to the stadium and you will find a delightful wooden cottage on the edge of the forest serving Italian classic style hearty cooking.