Stag Parties in Krakow – Your Need to Know

Poland and Stag Parties are gaining a reputation for going hand in hand. However, whilst there are certainly opportunities for cheap drinks, all night partying, and good times, there is a whole lot more on offer. This is particularly true if you take your Stag Party to Krakow. A huge range of entertainment awaits, so what are you waiting for?

DIY or Organised Group

There is no shortage of package operators ready to line you up and take your cash for a stag weekend in Krakow, and they can be worthwhile for making sure everything is covered. But be sure to do your homework and truly look in to what is being offered. You may find that these packages don’t offer exactly what you are looking for, or could be easily organised without the hefty fee you hand over. Therefore, take your inspiration on what you want the Stag Party and Stag Weekend in Krakow to look like, and consider whether you might be better planning the different elements yourself.

Getting to Krakow

From the UK, stag weekenders have a couple of options. Ryanair flies direct from Stansted, and Easyjet from Gatwick. There are other options but you’re going to be looking at non-direct flights which of course add to the time in the air, rather than time partying. The flight from the UK is around 2.5 hours so perfect for a weekend away.

Once at the airport in Krakow, organised tour groups will likely benefit from having minibus or other transport transfers to their accommodation. It is worth booking your transfers in advance if they aren’t included in the package – no one is going to be thinking clearly enough by the end of the weekend to do it then either.

What’s Unique about Krakow – What Not to Miss?

Krakow truly offers something different. Whether that’s Vodka Tasting with divine local bar snack Pierogi dumplings, brewery tours, a dash of history and culture, or some extreme sports, your Stag Party in Krakow will be unforgettable.

For the Adrenalin Junkies

Krakow isn’t just about the nightlife for stag parties. There are a huge range of activities on offer. Various adrenalin boosting activities are available in or near Krakow including: 4×4 off-roading; white water rafting; quad-biking; paintballing; and zorbing. These can be booked as part of a package from the UK, through your accommodation provider, or at various places in the city centre. However, we strongly recommend booking in advance.

Old-Fashioned Boyish Fun

If you’re looking for some good times, and ways to create some memories, then Krakow has a huge number of traditional ‘boys’ choices on offer. Go-Karting in Krakow is a popular Stag Party option, as are chances to get behind a trigger whether for target shooting, Special Forces shooting experiences, shooting Kalashnikovs, or good old fashioned Clay Pigeon Shooting. You can also enjoy time with the lads bowling, or in one of Krakow’s escape rooms.

Enjoying the Krakow Ladies

Krakow has gained a reputation for Stag Nights thanks to the various offerings for a little fun and amusement offered by the fairer sex. Oil wrestling is a popular Krakow stag night activity, as are lap dancing and strip clubs. Don’t forget you can book airport transports such as a Hummer or Limousine complete with stripper in tow. Furthermore, stripper boat cruises can be a fun way to while away part of the day or evening. A number of themed stripper experiences are available such as ‘Stag Arrest’.

Breweries, Vodka and Polish Grub

Another feature that makes Krakow Stag Weekends memorable are the opportunities to dine and drink Polish style whether in one of the unique breweries, with a vodka sampling experience, or by getting hooked on the booze-absorbing Pierogi dumplings.

Stag Parties in Krakow – Accommodation

Let’s face it – all you really need is somewhere functional to crash at the end of a long night. Typically, Krakow’s stag party accommodation fits in to one of three types: hostel, self-catering apartment, or hotel.

Krakow has a wide range of affordable hostels. Typically kitted out with dormitory style rooms, with clean but simple bunk beds, they are the easiest way to enjoy an affordable Krakow stag weekend. Many of these, however, are only bookable through a package Stag Weekend option.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a self-catered apartment. Being a compact city, with everything within walking distance, these are a popular choice. There are plenty of places for eating, including late breakfasts, so don’t feel you’ll ever need to step foot in to the kitchenette other than for the pint of water to take your hangover cure with.

Lastly, Krakow has a huge choice of hotels, including a particularly vast range of three-star options. Do your homework and check that your chosen hotel welcomes stag parties before making the booking.

Hitting the Town at Night – Krakow’s Best Bars and Clubs for Stag Parties

It’s widely believed that the historic Old Town has the highest density of bars in the world. In Krakow you certainly won’t be short of nightspots. However, nightlife in Krakow is about hitting the town in style – you’re surrounded by amazing architecture, yet nestled in amongst it are some hip and happening joints. Take a ‘pick n’ mix’ approach, or alternatively organise a guided pub crawl, or club night with drinks included.

In Krakow the nightlife is generally within easy reach between the Old Town and the Kazimierz. Expect hedonism on a grand scale and the best in terms of music and atmosphere. Krakow has a huge student population and this makes for great Stag Night venues. Our favourite nightlife spots for Stag Nights are:

  • Baccarat (link: ): Baccarat is a huge club in the centre of Krakow with a stylish, en masse feel. There are 10 different rooms each with their own atmosphere and vibe. There’s a mixture of house music, and there is a VIP room if you want to splash out for the Stag Do. Expect clubbing opulence with leather sofas and a good bit of style.
  • Burlesque (link: ): A live music club with an absolutely thumping underground atmosphere. You can be forgiven for thinking the drink has gone to your head as you try to remember what you’ve experienced here. Plenty of cocktail options, and a good bit of eye-candy too.
  • Wodka Café Bar (link: ): You simply can’t partake in a stag party in Krakow without sampling some Polish vodka. The Wodka Café Bar is a hugely popular spot for sampling the vodka delights with over 100 different flavours offered. Even better, the staff will help you out with making the choice to suit you.
  • Klub Afera (link: If you have a preconception in mind about what you’re hoping to find on a night out in Krakow, then Klub Afera will be it. This is definitely the venue for a lad’s night out.

Top Tips for a Successful Stag Do in Krakow

Whilst Krakow is used to welcoming hordes of Stag Parties and caters accordingly, there are some things it can be useful to know.

Don’t rely solely on the plastic in your pocket. In Krakow, especially on a Stag Weekend, you are going to need cash. And a fair amount of it. It’s not unusual for a venue to only take cash. The town centre Bureaux de Change have realised that not many stag nighters realise this before arriving, and as such exchanging money here is going to cost you, a lot.

Similarly, everyone is keen to cash in on the, often relaxed by booze, party tourists. This ranges from taxi drivers through to tour operators. As such, arrange your transport rather than relying on taxi ranks, and book everything in advance to avoid being stung for premium prices.

Finally, yes the booze is cheap. You’re going to be paying around £1.50 to £2.50 for a bottle of beer. It’s therefore easy to not think twice before chucking back bottle after bottle, with a few good vodkas on top. However, the beer in Poland is generally stronger, with a higher alcohol content, than you’ll be used to. You have been warned!

However, Krakow does Stag Parties like no other city in Europe. So if you’re looking for a city that’s ready to create your good times, then Krakow is it.

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