Hotels in Torun

Where to stay in Torun

Torun, famed for Nicolaus Copernicus, is well developed and offers a broad selection of accommodation. When choosing where to stay in Torun, it will quickly become apparent that the majority of accommodation in located in, or very close to, Stare Miasto in old tenement houses. Stare Miasto offers a wide range of hotel options, but there are options further afield if you wish.

Torun has an excellent selection of accommodation across both the mid-range and budget market. The largest choice is apparent for those seeking accommodation in the mid-range. If, on the other hand, you are looking for luxury accommodation, then you don’t have so much choice.

As you head away from Stare Miasto and the centre of the city, the Torun accommodation options change to being more modern and contemporary in contrast to the historical tenement options. Typically, these hotels are geared towards business travellers, but tourists sometimes use these hotels as their base for exploring a wider area too.

In Torun, the high season runs from April to September, and if you are wishing to stay in the heart of the city during these months then it is advisable to book well in advance. Take your pick of where to stay in Torun on