Krakow Restaurants

Top-picks where to eat in Krakow


Just a short distance from the Market Square in Kazimierz area you will find Bombonierka. For a low cost way to absorb yourself in all things Krakow, don’t miss Bombonierka (meaning ‘box of chocolates’) in the Jewish District. You will be tempted with a range of Polish specialities such as borscht and dumplings, or Old Polish Beef Rolls alongside a divine dessert menu. What’s even better is you get to enjoy your meal whilst watching Krakow dancers.



If you’re looking for top-end Polish fare then look no further than Starka with its cosy intimate atmosphere and timber ceiling.

Offering high-class versions of the staples of Poland washed down with the in-house cranberry and ginger flavoured vodkas you will not be disappointed.


Pod Aniolami

Literally meaning ‘at the angels’ diners are seated here in the gothic cellars perfectly placed for soaking up the medieval atmosphere of the restaurant and city beyond. Here you can enjoy Polish cuisine such as wild board steaks and the famous Polish dumplin.

Just a short walk from the main square.


Pod Wawelem – Kompania Kuflowa

Around 10 minutest walk from the Market Square towards Royal Castle you will find restaurant Pod Wawelem – Kompania Kuflowa. 

Nestled in the heart of the city, this dining experience offers something truly local, reflected in the clientele itself. Soaking up an Austro-Hungarian feel, reflected not only in the décor but in the staff uniforms and the menu, you dine here overlooking the castle. A meal here must be accompanied by beer from one of the original 1l beer steins.

Approximate cost of 1 meal is around 10 Euros