How to Travel around Krakow

Most of the things to see in Krakow are within walking distance from The Market Square.

However, if you would like to visit Wieliczka Salt Mine, Zoo, Aquapark or Auschwitz you will probably need a proper transport.

Public transport (buses, trains) is a great option to travel cheap. However, to enjoy your stay stress-free, taxi is a great and affordable option.

Approx cost per 1 km of a taxi ride is 0.6 Euro. (2.3 PLN)


To give a rough idea of the costs:

  1. A taxi ride – One-way – from Krakow’s Airport to the city center is around 16 Euros (70 PLN)
  2. One-way from Krakow to Wieliczka Salt Mine is approx 12 Euros (50 PLN ). If you would like a return ride without waiting for a taxi, you can ask the driver to wait. In this case the return ride, with Taxi driver waiting for you, will be around 35-40 Euro.
  3. Krakow to Auschwitz and return – is around 90-100 Euros.  Please talk to the driver beforehand for a better deal.

Kraków Airport


Taxi stands can be found directly outside Kraków Airport. The drive to the city centre takes around 30 min, and costs around EUR 16 (70 PLN) . Some taxis accept credit cards, but check with the driver in advance.



Top taxi firms in Krakow.

Radio Taxi 919krakow transport Taxi-krakow
You can order a taxi by filling out a form on the website or just by calling +48 12 191 91 


Radio Taxi Barbakantax-krakow-barbakan

Order a taxi by clicking the link or also by calling +48 12 196-61