Where to stay in warsaw

Visiting the sights of Warsaw are likely to be some of the highlights of your trip to Poland. However, accommodation in Warsaw can hit the pocket hard. Knowing where you want to stay, and your budget, will put you in the best position for choosing suitable options for where to stay in Warsaw. Warsaw offers a good range of upper market contemporary and boutique hotels, as well as apartments and some more budget offerings.


Warsaw is large, in terms of both population and geographical area. Typically, visitors are wanting to visit the Chopin Museum, Wilanó Palace, the Royal Palace, and Łazienski Park. These sights are spread apart, and so be prepared to travel from wherever you choose to stay.

Opt for the city centre for shopping, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and the Palace of Culture and Science. This is where you’ll find the most expensive options in international chains. Conversely, you’ll also find some good hostel options (you can also find many hostels around Wilcza). The Old Town is where you’ll find more boutique and traditional style hotels, as is the trendy and chic Praga district.

If you’re not a natural city dweller, and would prefer some greenery, then there is a good range of options around Łazienski, whilst still putting you in walking distance of the more central sights. This area is particularly good for apartments, and is a popular spot for families visiting Warsaw.

Accommodation in Warsaw is varied and diverse, and there is plenty of choice. However, finding what you’d like within budget can be a little trickier. Take a look on booking.com to discover the best places to stay in Warsaw.