Warsaw’s Restaurants

Where to eat in Warsaw

Warsaw has gone from nothing special to simply sublime with its choice of gastronomic fare. With a good range of traditional Polish eateries, high-class Michelin establishments, interspersed with an increasingly international cuisine, Warsaw has established itself on the culinary map.

  • Atelier Amaro: The first Michelin Star in Poland was gained here and this is the Polish equivalent of Heston Blumenthal. Wonderful produce meets science and this is dining with flair, a truly adult choice.
  • Restauracja Polska Rozana: An affordable option for traditional Polish meals in a cosy, flowery atmosphere
  • AleGloria: Suspend preconceptions when you enter here, the strawberry-themed décor may seem over the top but it works for a convivial atmosphere for Polish fusion cuisine with offerings frequently including strawberry and goose. It works.
  • Mr India: One of many authentic curry houses in Warsaw.
  • Beef n’ Pepper: A brilliant steak-house with local 28-day-age Polish beef in a smart and urban themed restaurant.
  • Bierhalle: A chain of four pub-cum-restaurants around Warsaw, Bierhalle has beer brewed in house to be enjoyed alongside a hearty beer-drinkers’ menu such as schnitzel or sausage.
  • Czerwony Wieprz: This restaurant is a unique offering and hugely popular. Themed around the Socialist Bloc and 1950s and 60s Party Elite, this is Polish cuisine from within Socialism.
  • Senses: The second restaurant in Poland, and indeed Warsaw, to achieve a Michelin star very recently offers three separate tasting menus.
  • Dawne Smaki: A classic Polish eatery serving good wholesome fare.
  • Elixir: A unique yet truly Polish experience where food is paired with vodka, and you can opt from over 250 vodka choices.