What to do with kids in Warsaw

Kids in Warsaw – Family Highlights:

Warsaw is rapidly becoming more and more family-friendly. There isn’t a huge array of dedicated children’s venues and entertainment, but children are very much catered for within Warsaw in general with child friendly menus, wide paths suitable for strollers, and an abundance of green space and community play areas. Many of the main attractions of Warsaw, such as the Palace of Culture and Science, and Chopin Museum, cater to visitors of all ages.

  • Copernicus Science Centre: If you have inquisitive children of any age then don’t let them miss out on a memorable trip to this haven of experimentation and fun. This is a fully interactive experience looking at many different facets of science and includes a fantastic Planetarium. Hands-on experiments are provided in abundance to give a day of learning and excitement.
  • Łazienki Park, Saxon Garden and Skaryszewski Park in Prada: If your children are in need of open spaces and fresh air then Warsaw is not short on green space in which to meet that need. Whether you fancy a gondola trip on a park lake, feeding the fish, observing a peacock, or enjoying a free Chopin concert, there will be something for everyone. The parks and gardens of Warsaw are beautiful and very much add to the ambience of this city.
  • Warsaw Zoo: Warsaw Zoo is a definite highlight for younger visitors who get to see a vast range of animals. Of particular interest are the native otters and brown bear.