What to do and see in Wroclaw

Things to do and see in Wroclaw

Explore the city of bridges

Wroclaw is called “the city of bridges” and that is a quite good depiction as there are 117 scaffolds and footbridges. It is difficult to sightsee all of them, however, if you follow them you can discover some extremely pleasant and fascinating places. You may try to number or go across them – legend says nobody has ever succeeded in that. That means that you may have the opportunity to be the first one!


Take advantage of the city bicycles

In Wroclaw you can use city bicycles, just visit the nextbike website and pay 1PLN and you can begin using bicycles. Every 20 min ride is free, after 20 min you have to pay 2 PLN for one hour, and 4 PLN for each other hour. But you don’t have to pay anything; there are a ton of stations for bicycles in Wroclaw so you can without much of a stretch change your bicycle every 20 minutes.


Go wild and dance the entire night

If you come to Wroclaw, you are sure to party. The most famous place for partying is Pasaż Niepolda. It is a zone near the town square where the best clubs and bars can be found. Wednesdays are the best, and you can party there till the end of the week. If you the partying type, you can make hotel reservations as well, and have a short stroll to your bed following a wild night.


Dwarf treasure hunt

Looking for an adventure? Finding all the diminutive or dwarf people will be a significant test! They are concealed all over Wroclaw, sometimes in exceptionally unusual places. Children can help you since they are about dwarves’ height so take them with you!


Slip and slide in the Aquapark

Wroclaw’s Aquapark is a place brimming with fun! Among many attractions, you can find pools, shower massages, a pool with genuine waves and many more attractions. On the off chance that you want to unwind, you can do it in hot Jacuzzi tubes, saunas or the wellness unit. And for those dynamic ones, there are wellness classes and an exercise centre. What may be entirely amazing is the fact that they even have an exercise centre for children!


Discover Słodowa Island

Słodowa Island is a small Island on Odra River, loaded with greenery, visited consistently by many people. You can invest your energy there in many different ways: you can walk, you can sunbathe, and you can have an excursion or even a grill! Słodowa Island is additionally a place where many neighbourhood events take place, so if fortunate you can take part in one of them!