Hotels in Wroclaw

Where to stay in Wroclaw

There is a fantastic choice of where to stay in Wroclaw, ranging from luxury, to guesthouses, and hostels and mid-range choices. Accommodation in Wroclaw is well established.

Wroclaw’s Old Town is packed with hotel and accommodation options. However, they are also in high demand in late summer and early autumn when many Polish businesses use Wroclaw for exhibitions, conferences and the like. However, generally speaking, accommodation in Wroclaw is served with friendly and professional staff, used to catering to tourists.

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The main months for tourist visitors to Wroclaw are during the spring and summer. At these times the typically tourist based Wroclaw accommodation options are more difficult to come by, so do book in advance. Wroclaw’s hotel season morphs from tourism earlier in the year and summer, and then becoming business based in later summer.

The central area of Wroclaw, in and around the Old Town, is where most accommodation for sightseers is based. Here you’ll be in walking distance of the Market Square and Centennial Hall, and perfectly placed for discovering many of the Wroclaw Dwarfs.

Outside of the city centre, the hotel options are definitely geared more towards the business traveller. Nonetheless, transport links to the centre of the city are good, and these mid-size, mid-budget hotels can prove a worthwhile choice.