Zakopane Nightlife

Hitting the Town - Bars, Pubs & Nightclubs

Owing to its holiday-making reputation, Zakopane is not short of options to make the most of your evenings. Zakopane’s nightlife somewhat reflects the seasons.

Being the main mountain resort in Poland, winter nights come alive with the Après Ski crowd, with tourists from both within Poland and beyond.

Spring and Summer bring a different mountain crowd, and Autumn, before the snow falls, tends to be Zakopane nightlife’s quiet season.

Evening entertainment is prolific for the size of town, and consists of a mixture of pubs, bars, cafes and clubs. Many are located on the central area of Krupówki Street, but it is worth exploring those off the central thoroughfare too.

Nonetheless, Krupówki Street is the thriving heart of Zakopane with not only bars and clubs but a range of vendors, restaurants and shops. There is something for everyone, whatever your tastes, and whether you’re looking to dance the night away or get cosy with a cold beer in a friendly pub-like bar.

Here is Our List of Top 7 Nightclubs in Zakopane

If you’re looking for dancing as well as drinking, then Zakopane has you covered. From small intimate music venues to thumping house clubs, to more alternative options, there’s something for everyone.

The holiday atmosphere of the town adds to the party feel once night time comes to Zakopane.

1. Vavavoom (Tadeusza Kościuszki)

The biggest names make Va Va Voom their stop off point and you’re as likely to be treated to an international big name as you are a local favourite when it comes to the DJ’s throwing out the tunes at Va Va Voom.

This is a smart styled club set over two floors and whilst still relatively new on the Zakopane night scene it’s setting the trend for alternative and sophisticated club nights.

2. La Playa (Tytusa Chałubińskiego 38):

This is Zakopane’s beach bar. Yes, you heard correctly: if you’ve had enough of Alpine vistas, then get in the Hawaiian groove with tropical cocktails, palm trees and delicious snacks. Fundamentally, La Playa is a well-themed chill-out lounge perfect for parties and music nights.

3. Prestige Night Club (Krupówki):

Blending together the hedonistic vibes of hip hop, house and latino, Prestige is an upbeat yet intoxicating club which is fast becoming a trend-setter on the Zakopane scene.

4. Genesis (Plac Niepodleglosci): 

Multi-media clubbing effects such as lights, lasers and smoke machines team together with the latest dance music in this classic-style club.

5. Rockus (Zaruskiego):

If mainstream isn’t your thing then Rockus offers a rock and pop disco-styled bar hidden underground, and connected to the hostel above which provides many of its patrons.

If you’re lucky you’ll be treated to a live concert, but whatever the event, this is definitely the ‘young’ clubbing scene in Zakopane.

6. U-Boot (Droga do Bialego):

Taking after its namesake, the submarine, be prepared for a slightly different entertainment option here with bowling, pool and even a golf simulator. It also hosts music nights and discos at the weekend. 

7. Dworzec Tatrzanski (Krupówki):

Don’t let the name ‘club’ deceive you here. Dworzec Tatrzanski is so much more than your ordinary club and instead is more the hub of culture in Zakopane.

It somehow manages to draw together a club scene, concerts, lectures and exhibitions and pull each off with style.

Hugely popular is the White Nights Festival which takes places daily between Christmas and New Year, as are the Dworzec Tatrzanski nu-jazz extravaganzas and ragga concerts.

Also often found here are the clubbing staples of house and drum’n’bass. If you’re not sure what’s on have a look around Zakopane for the distinctive fish logo which will adorn relevant posters and flyers with the latest events.

As well as an atmospheric dance floor there are captivating Arabian-nights themed rooms for chilling with cushions and shisha pipes. Not one to miss.

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